National Equine Adjusting, Inc. has served the equestrian community for over 20 years, specializing in equine mortality, major medical, farm/ranch, and liability claims with licensed Independent adjusters who provide quality equine claims handling for insureds based in all 48 continental states.

Our adjusters are equine claims specialists providing prompt, fair and quality equine claims handling for all policies underwritten and issued by American Equine Insurance Group.

All claims, including new health conditions, accidents, incidents or property damage should be reported promptly. Please remember that it is a condition of the Equine Mortality Policy to report changes in the health of an insured horse immediately to the claims office. Failure to do so could affect the eligibility of a claim.

You deserve to have all protections afforded to you under your policy preserved, and the best way to do this is by immediately reporting health conditions of your horse, a recent incident that may have arisen on your grounds, or a property damage situation.